ABJ Trade



Knitted Fabric

We offer all possible types of knitted fabrics, ranging from standard fabrics, and more exquisite custom modern knitting machines. We base on Polish manufacturers, thus ensuring the quality, repeatability and the ability to check the quality of each order.

Our range is presented basic fabric: Singel Jersey, Interlock, Fleece, Sweaters, Terry, Velour, Jacquard fabric, ideal for children's clothing, women's, men's, and also for sport's wear or fitness. Printed knitted fabric. Can offer both standard traditional printing (rotation) and digital, which is becoming more and more popular among the producers of clothing, due to its unlimited possibilities both in the pallet of colors and depiction of the small details.

Technical knitted fabric, i.e., lining, mesh, tulle, elastic sports fabric, a wide variety of Openwork.